Звернення журналу “Всесвіт” до культурних інституцій і перекладачів світу

To the World Literary Agencies, Residences,

Cultural Institutions, Departments of translation

February 28th, 2022


Dear colleagues!

Anyone with an ounce of understanding knows that Ukraine is fighting for the entire world from Kyiv to London, from Odesa to New York, from Kharkiv to Oslo, from Sumy to Tokyo…

It is also clear that the Russian people mostly do not support Putin’s insane war on their brothers and sisters (we still want to believe in this), and Kyiv. He is trying to drag Europe back to its bloodstained past, but the world has changed – most people know now we are one family, living on one planet we must unite to protect. We honestly do not believe he can win. Humanity will prevail.

Taking into account the war that initiated Russia destroying Ukrainian territories and killing our civil people, Vsesvit magazine editorial addresses the world cultural community to

  1. stop any form of translation of Russian literature and break all the translation projects with Russia;
  2. stop all residence projects including inviting Russian writers and translations for cooperation with world authors in the future;
  3. stop all forms of translator’s grants for Russia all over the world;
  4. stop all seminars, conferences, round tables and panel discussions regarding the translation of Russian fiction, poetry, drama, non-fiction, etc.;

These steps will help to stop the war and explain the world that each trace of the Russian culture can be converted into the war reality in the future in the most unpredictable way. We have each day of fighting, more senseless bloodshed, an insane provocation from Putin with his nuclear rhetoric, but also more victories for the incredible Ukrainian army, forcing Russia to talk. Each day we have new deaths including children. The Russian “peace policy” brought death and destruction to our families, homes, cities, and the entire country.

Editor-in-Chief, PhD                                         Yurii Mykytenko

Managing Editor-in-Chief, PhD                       Dmytro Drozdovskyi

Дмитро Дроздовський - головний редактор журналу «Всесвіт», науковий співробітник відділу західних і слов'янських літератур Інституту літератури ім. Т. Г. Шевченка НАН України, заслужений працівник культури України. У журналі «Всесвіт» з 2006 року.

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